OK, if this book is really free, then why am I asking for donations?

Well, first of all, the book really is absolutely free. However, I do have expenses. Webhosting and domains for example aren't free, so it actually costs me money to offer something for free. And if I wanted to promote it with advertizing then that would raise my expenses significantly.

The idea is to let everyone read the book for free, no strings attached. However, if a person agrees with my views and wants to help to promote this book to the public, financial aid makes sense.
If I can get some help to promote my book and to pay for the webhosting then that is obviously something I would appreciate.

DO NOT SEND ME CASH in envelopes. For security reasons I do not open envelopes from anonymous senders. (Exceptions would include senders whos adresses can be verified)

Should you wish to make a donation, I recommend that you use PayPal.