What is this?

In the year 2000 I finally decided to gather all my thoughts about the big things in life and put them together into a book but the details were rather sketchy. In late 2001 I finally made some significant progress and then I worked on it on and off for almost 4 years. And now, finally, here it is.

This book can be described in a number of ways but simply put, it's a "cure" for closed-mindedness. It is meant to be a guide to many big philosophical issues we face and questions we ask ourselves in our lives. Every action you take has consequences. Do you consider them to be good, bad, neither? What is your point of reference? Why do you consider those things to be good, bad or neither?
Another (slightly less modest ;-) way to describe is to say that it is the ultimate peace project; an attempt to give humanity a common goal that reaches beyond religion and everyday generalizations that affect our daily lives and in the long run: Our future. It's an attempt to unite humanity without imposing another religion on them.
The topics discussed are as follows:
  • Our World Today
  • Our Place In The Universe
  • Threats To Our Existence
  • Religion
  • God
  • Right & Wrong
  • The Purpose Of Life
  • Alternative Realities
As you can see, this is no "light reading". It deals with some of the most difficult aspects of our lives and beyond! But if can spare a few hours to read it, the potential reward is a more "enlightened you". Don't read it for my sake, read it for your own sake.