Why is this Book Free?

In the year 2000 I finally decided to gather all my thoughts about the big things in life and put them together into a book but the details were rather sketchy. In late 2001 I finally made some significant progress and then I worked on it on and off for almost 4 years.

So, the big question is: "Why would I give away something for free when I've spent years to finish it?

For me the answer is very simple. I don't see this as a "book". I am not a professional writer. For me, this is more like a (science) paper where I present a new theory. So I want as many people as possible to examine my proposals and see if they hold up. Along the way I hope to open up the eyes of those who are still blinded by tradition and beliefs.

My goal is to make a difference. Something that may be of benefit to humanity. Such a thing goes beyond personal financial interests.

There is no catch. Download the book, read it and see for yourself.