Daniel E. Sevo presents The True Perspective On Life
This is the home of my free book "The True Perspective On Life".
In this book I present you with my perspective on many difficult issues. I unveil my theory regarding the purpose of life itself and along the way I question pretty much everything we usually take for granted.

As history has shown, questioning other people's beliefs is always controversial. And I understand that some people will find it offending but it order to break away from tradition, sometimes one has to step on a few things that get in the way. Although I have tried to be as objective and fair as possible, it is sometimes impossible not to offend people. However, this is something I will have to accept.

My objective is to get people to actively think about their beliefs and question things they may take for granted. Along with this comes my proposal that describes what the ultimate goal of humankind is.
And all this in a book that is free for you to download and read. Isn't that worth a couple of hours of your life? Apart from the short time it takes to read it, what do you have to lose?
Well, you choose!

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